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August 2016 - February 2017


This article is the first part of a 2 article-long adventure with the amazing Charlotte Moreau. I will write a dedicated article about the human adventure itself but let’s focus on the product and achievements for now.

Go Bears!

When I left Paris for UC Berkeley (with a bricked computed) I never knew the “Jedi wristband” project I was bringing with me would follow such an amazing path.

(intro about X/Berkeley program)

At first nobody wanted to work on a project that wanted to change the way people interacted with technology and bet the future would look like gestures. The universe had to offer me another project team-split for Charlotte and I to start working together.

After a couple of business models iterations we soon realised that if we wanted to build some solid venture, the initial gadget could not be the main value proposition. Our first (of many) pivot(s) led us towards sign language. We wanted to use the same piece of home-made technology to help mute people communicate with non signing people.

My mechanical engineering skills were put to good use to build some good looking prototypes !! (insert prototypes videos)

Back to earth

When we came back in Paris we had to dig a bit deeper in the tech and business feasibility of our project. And the truth was lethal. We had missed:

  • not all mute people do sign
  • a lot of the signing language goes through facial expressions
  • mute people had bigger problems

No problem, pivots happen all the time in startup adventures we’ll find a new usecase to our incredible tech. We looked into virtual reality, gestures learning, virtual keyboard, TSM medical care and so many more. Unfortunately none of them was interesting enough to build a venture out of it. Especially the masse consumer opportunities were aborted early on because of some interesting patents belonging to Apple, LG, Sony among others. We’ll remember that we had something interesting enough for tech giants to deposit a patent.

find links to said patents out of curiosity

This is not the end of my entrepreneurial adventure with Charlotte but the end of the first part.


We even had some nice press about Nabu! You can check out