🔧 Mechanical Engineering intern @Dreem


Internship ✅
September 2015 - February 2016

Dream Dreem

Rythm’s @Dreem sleep headband aims at helping people sleep better by increase deep sleep duration through noise stimulation. In XXX 2018 they released their third iteration of the headband. I had the opportunity to work on the beta version that was about to be release at the time.

During my 6 months internship I worked closely with the head of Mechanical Engineering on many key subjects such as

  • design for manufacturing
  • technical solution design
  • industrialization process preparation

I was lucky enough to have a great empowering mentor Camille Kerbaul who gave a lot of autonomy on a variety of scopes:

  • material study for research and development
  • in-house prototyping production, processes and maintenance

Employee #32.


This was my first real professional experience after engineering school and I have to say it would not have been that big a success without the truly amazing people I met during my short but intense time within Dreem’s team

Camille Kerbaul of course, Céline Brunel, Alix Paoli, Nicolas Regis, Pierre Emerich, Dounia ElYakoubi, Karim El Kanbi and obviously the two founders of this unique team Hugo Mercier and Quentin Soulet