🌱 Co-founder @Deepdives


Personal Project ☠️
February 2017 - September 2017


This is part 2 (and last) of my entrepreneurial adventure with the amazing Charlotte Moreau. The first part is our attempt at launching Nabu’s sign language translation wristband.

After Class

This project’s objective was pretty simple: how could one keep learning about new subjects without being feeling old-school-taught or bored?

We started with a first iteration as a messenger bot called Charade (try it out πŸ‡«πŸ‡·). It provided you with curated new content you certainly haven’t seen before on many different and various topics.

We often updated the content and managed to reach 2k total users. Unfortunately the content did not fit to messenger bite-sized use, and the bot interface was not ideal for that kind of reading either.

This is why we pivoted to a more B2B focused version of Charade called Deepdives. We wanted to help companies train their employees to tomorrow’s key business topics (AI, circular economy, IoT …). This would be made possible the with tailor-made syllabus and the help of research chairs that would get funded in the process.


We were lucky enough to quickly have a first lead: french garbage treatment company Suez. After a few meeting they were expecting our pricing but we quickly realized that, even though we were passionate about the end goal (keeping people enjoy learning) this first usecase was not what we were looking for. Thus, we killed the project.